Tuesday, April 19, 2011

procrastination at its finest.

I sat in the library tonight. I hate the library. I just needed a change of scenery. I actually sat in the library, then the Union, and then back in the library. Now, I am on my bed, trying to focus on a book review I need to write by sometime tomorrow for Christian Book Previews.

This week has already been a long week, so it is hard to focus. On Saturday night I went over to English after the Barlow Girl concert on campus to hang out with some of the girls from my Haiti team (I. Love. Them!).

We ended up talking for a couple hours and watched this weird horror movie from 1992. The things you can find on Netflix these days... (Especially the movies with 1 star)... After the movie we talked some more, until I realized how late it was. I got back to Olson at 4 AM and was in bed by 4:30 AM.

Then Sunday was crazy too. I had a lot of things to take care of. I ended up going to the Union for a couple of hours and then went back to my room after close to finish up the rest of my homework (that needed to be done) and did not slip under my covers until 3:30 AM... and I did not go to bed until 4 AM...

Now, I am running on minimal sleep, since I had an 8 AM class this morning. I have coffee in me like an iv these days. I am very ready to be going home Thursday afternoon.

I am excited to have this book review done! Only a few more paragraphs and some last minute editing before I send it off to Dr. Hensley.

I will write a longer update about my life soon... Hopefully over Easter break, when I actually have the time (if I actually have time)...

One final thing... A list of 7 random things from this past week:

1. I am switching to Verizon this summer :[ Which means goodbye to my loving Blackjack II, and hello to my new Blackberry.

2. I wiped out on my bike last Monday. I'm gonna have a pretty sweet scar on my elbow. I just wish it didn't hurt all the time from the bruising... And my left ring finger is messed up. I'm still not sure if I jammed it of fractured it. I'm assuming I just jammed it, but I'm not sure yet.

3. I had dinner tonight with my Haiti team!!! :] I love them all very much!

4. I went to the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale this weekend when I went home with Becky.

5. I am the proud owner of Peter and Madeline, my precious herbs (thyme), which sit on my window sill as I write this.

6. I made a pact with Becky regarding our next Pick-a-Date (the murder mystery PAD!!!)... And there is a reward system. I must win!

7. I have had (probably) around 12 cups of coffee within the last 48 hours. I need to sleep...


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