Thursday, April 28, 2011

nauseous feelings and pick-a-date asking.

Pick-a-dates... the bane of my existence. Asking? HATE IT!

First pick-a-date was just a long day. 12 hours, 2 pick-a-dates, same guy. It would have been fine if it had not been the beginning of the year and we were not still getting to know each other.

Pick-a-date #2: I was miserable because of the day that it was on. I did not want to go in the first place, but my friends FORCED me to ask a friend of mine. My date: great. The experience: not very pleasant (which was my own fault).

Pick-a-date #3 (quick pick): I did not even ask him. I had a friend of mine ask him for me. Luckily, he said yes. We had a great time. Now, we never see each other and because of that, we never talk.

Pick-a-date #4: Experience pending...

My final pick-a-date of the year is just around the corner now. May 7th to be exact. Murder mystery pick-a-date. 80's Homecoming themed! :]

Asking: I hate asking guys on pick-a-dates. I always feel extremely awkward whenever I ask someone or even think about asking someone for that matter... It should not be scary. I should not have a queasy feeling in my stomach every time I walk to a place where I know the person I am asking will be... but, I do.

Praise God I am done asking people on pick-a-dates for this year! My latest asking experience had a twist...

"The pact": A friend and I proposed the idea of a pact for this pick-a-date. The pact was that if I asked the guy I was planning on asking, then my friend, Becky,  had to ask the guy she kind of wanted to ask, and vice versa.

The pact might have been a bad idea. It was created at 1 AM with a pinkie promise... But, nevertheless, we went through with "THE PACT."

But, for this to work, there had to be an incentive: FREE coffee for the person who asked her guy first. I was determined to win. I had it all figured out. I knew I was going to see the guy I was going to ask before Becky would see the guy she was going to ask. I was going to win. For sure!

One problem: the butterflies that turned into eagles in my stomach which caused this constant queasy feeling in my stomach for 4 days!

Monday: Haiti family dinner. Perfect opportunity to ask! Walked back to my dorm with the guy I was going to ask. I talked about the weather in Michigan. Lame? Yup. Pretty much.

Tuesday: No opportunity... Becky asked her guy at dinner! I lost... I bought her Starbucks later that night...

Wednesday: Awkward encounters all day... No good opportunity until...

The SIFE event in the Union! Perfect chance. What is better than ice cream, awesome music, free shirts, and the perfect opportunity to ask someone on a pick-a-date in a non-awkward way? NOTHING! :]

I was talking to a friend of mine who was working the event when he was taking creeper photos of me and some other people from just across the room. A intense glare was given as I made my way across the room to make small talk... I mean ask him on my pick-a-date.

"I have a question for you... May 7th... Would you like to go on a pick-a-date with me?"

Could that sentence be any more awkward??? At least I had started the conversation out non-awkwardly.

"What day is that?"


"I should be able to go. Let me check my schedule and get back to you."

The day back from Easter break (6 days later): Awkward encounter at our Haiti meeting. No answer.

No answer? What did I do? Did he forget?

Yes, I was being a girl and definitely overthinking everything.

The next night at our Haiti team share session in the Union: Nothing.

After the share session: "[insert his name here]"

"Yea, the pick-a-date?" He remembered. "Is it May 9th?" I shake my head. "The 8th?"

"No... The 7th."

"Oh. Okay. Yea, I can go."

Really? Why did I have to wait a week for that, bro?

Me: Oh... I failed to mention that it is a murder mystery pick-a-date last week... And the theme is 80's Homecoming.

Yea. I am great with asking on pick-a-dates. At least I have a date.

Murder. Homecoming. Powder blue suits. Poofy sleeved dresses. Sequins. Big, teased hair. All of my favorite things in one place... :]

Vintage 1980 Homecoming Queen One Shoulder Blue Sequin Dress

So... Pick-a-date #4 of my first year of college: BRING IT ON!

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