Thursday, April 7, 2011

open mind, questions running amuck.

Wish: that coffee could refresh me (for more than 2 hours) the way sleep does, or that I could get more sleep...

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Today I embarked on a new adventure. In my mailbox today (I love getting mail!) sat a purple little sheet of paper with the word “package” stamped on it. I eagerly rushed the slip to the girl working the front desk and waited patiently as she found my package among the pile. As I climbed the stairs back up to my room, I ripped open the package. Out popped Love Wins, Rob Bell’s new book that came out in mid-March. I have been waiting two weeks now to read this book.
When I was in Haiti, one of my leaders brought his new copy of the book and many of my team members ended up reading it (and were talking about it all week). Many of the points in the book seem to be controversial and my team was sure to discuss them in detail. After hearing the conversations that came from the book, I wanted to read it. If anything, I figured it would strengthen my beliefs and open my eyes to some new ideas.
Now, after chapter one, I am keeping an open mind and I have some questions. They are questions I have thought about before, but have never let occupy my mind for too long. I am hoping to have some conversations with people about this book which will help me in my faith and understanding. I am also looking forward to Easter Break so I can take it home for my dad to read so we can then discuss it as well.
Tonight I went to the Recital Hall for a talk on Interfaith Dialogue. I am interested in the topic, so any way for me to learn more can only be beneficial.
Through conversations and opportunities here at school, I have seen my faith grow a lot this past year. I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams. I have people here who care about me and my entire being, including my spiritual growth. Through my trip to Haiti, I have learned much about myself. I have learned my limits emotionally and physically, and I have learned what it means to rest in God completely. I have gained new friends along the way and have made memories that will last a lifetime. I am blessed. I cannot say it enough!

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Also, I have lived on the edge a little bit today. :] I went on a midnight bike ride with a dear friend. What would college be like without a little spontaneity? Sounds like a crazy question coming from me. Am I ever spontaneous? Barely...
Anyways, I love bike rides. And going on them at midnight makes them all the more fun and adventurous.
So, here’s to a wonderful month of March, new friends, old friends, Skype dates, bike rides, beautiful sunsets, long boards and Frisbees, Haitian coffee and mammoth spiders, and here’s to spring and all that it may bring this 2011!

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