Monday, March 5, 2012

once it ends, it begins again.

Listening to: "Specks" by Matt Pond PA

Wondering: where J-term went... and February...

Okay, so exciting news! I found my new favorite website/app...

Remembering things has never been easy for me, and since I have a love for fashion, typography, and photography, this nifty little thing has helped a lot. 

There is a button called the "clipper" which allows you to take a picture from the web and add it to your Evernote notebook, keeping track of where you found it. 

So, for all of those things I want to keep track of, but don't necessarily want to go through the hassle of pinning to one of my boards on Pintrest and then opening my account to find, I can just clip it and add it to my Evernote account. Even though I only have the free app, it does hold 60 MB of memory per month. In the long run, this should be enough. We shall see though.

On Friday, I will find out who got PA (AKA: an RA) on my wing. I'm nervous. And I really want the position, but I know God will allow the right people to have the position. If I am not that person for next year, that is fine with me. I will probably be upset at first, but God has different plans for me if the latter is the case.
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