Tuesday, December 28, 2010

foreign language.

“Boys speak in rhythm, girls in code...” –Anberlin, “Foreign Language”
Next week starts J-term. For the entire month I will be taking one class: Gender Reconciliation. The class is supposed to help me figure out the differences between how men and women communicate, and then from there tell me how I am supposed to help fix the gap so women and men can communicate more effectively. I am excited for this class. I am not sure exactly why, but the whole concept intrigues me (especially since by taking this course I fulfill my speech general education requirement). I am hoping this course will help me during the writing process so I can more accurately portray my male and female characters. I am such a writer at heart. For the same reason, I am taking a Psychology course. I am taking a psychology course so I can better understand how the human brain works, so I can create realistic characters with real flaws and thought processes. My future career is eating its way into everything I do. Though, I do not mind it. It shows me I am in the correct major and writing is what I should be doing with my life.
Anberlin sure knew what they were talking about when they wrote “Foreign Language.” Men and women communicate very differently, especially verbally and with body language. Men think women are hard to read when men can be just as confusing sometimes. Based on different interactions a girl could think a guy hates her, not that I am speaking from experience or anything. The people around that girl who see the same things she sees and the people that her all about her interactions with said guy all think this guy in fact likes her and does not hate her at all. Communication is key men. Make your intentions clear. Talk to us. Girls don’t bite. Be vulnerable for once. It may pay off in your favor. Trust me!
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