Friday, July 8, 2011

the end.

The End.
Listening to: “Loving You Tonight” by Andrew Allen
Still wondering about:
Quote Love: “‘The little ball of light was hovering there, waiting for me, and when I came out it bobbed along a bit and I followed it behind the shed and then it . . . well, it went inside me.’ . . . ‘it sort of floated toward me,’ said Ron, illustrating the movement with his free index finger, ‘right to my chest, and then – it just went straight through. It was here,’ he touched a point close to his heart, ‘I could feel it, it was hot. And once it was inside me I knew what I was supposed to do, I knew it would take me where I needed to go...’” (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, pg. 348)
July 15th. I can’t wait and yet I can. I want to see the last movie, and yet I don’t want it to end. I started reading the Harry Potter series when I was in 6th grade. Here I sit, seven years later, waiting for it to all be over.
It is bittersweet. So very bittersweet.
Every part of me is anticipating the final movie to be the best there has been thus far, and yet there is a twinge of knowing the truth behind the meaning of the words “last” and “end.”
I have my ticket for the midnight showing. I still don’t know my work schedule for next week, so I am desperately hoping I do not have to work the night of the premier.
I would not be a happy camper.
Thanks to Natalie Lloyd I found this awesome shirt.
I love it!
I’m just not sure if I am willing to splurge on the purchase. But... it is a fantastic shirt. :]
Years after the first book came out I became an avid reader of Harry Potter. The plot excited me. I could not wait for the next book to come out once I finished the most recently published novel in the series. And now... The last movie is coming out in less than a week now. I am super excited and yet there is a piece of me that doesn’t want to let go just yet.
I know, it sounds kind of dumb that I am this attached to Harry Potter. But, when you realize how much time I spent reading those books and watching the movies and even just talking about them to my friends... A lot of my childhood included Harry and friends.
Now, the child stars that played my favorite characters are all grown up and look like this instead of this...
So, here's to all my fellow HP lovers: go to the midnight premier, love every second of it, and read the Harry Potter books to your kids some day.

Plus, who doesn't love Neville? :]


Sunday, July 3, 2011

what I like about you.

Wondering: Why different regions of the US call pop “soda” and why all kinds of pop are called “Coke” in the south...
1. Girl’s Nights: Sitting in my friend’s basement with my besties, listening to my friend’s mom’s bunko group laugh and talk loudly, all the while promising to each other we will not end up like that in 30 years.
2. Clear Summer Nights: Catching fireflies without being eaten alive by mosquitos.

3. Furry Friends: Waiting patiently, while eating my lunch at the dining room table, for the cute little bunnies that live under my deck to come out and play in my yard.
4. People Watching: Sitting in a coffee shop for hours spending more time watching the people around me than actually getting work done.
5. Coffee Friends: Baristas who make an entire carafe of coffee for me because the coffee beans used to make the kind they already had out was not the one I wanted. (Thanks, Nate!)
6. DIY: Spending hours looking up crafts I could do on various blogs and websites.
7. Kate Voegele: Listening to the same album for hours straight.
8. Dances & Vertigo: Dried flowers (especially roses) that have stories and memories attached to their very petals. (Story to follow soon about this one...)
9. Babies Smiles: The daughter of my mentor and youth minister is going to be one-year-old in August. For the first few months she had this straight face. Constantly. Now that she is getting older, she has more of a personality (thank God!) and along with that personality has come many smiles. Cute baby smiles which now include a few teeth. :]
10. Blog Creepin’: I love reading blogs. I love finding inspiration to write about from someone else.
11. Love, Dove: I love reading the inside of Dove chocolate wrappers. A friend and I are constantly swapping them and relating them to our lives at present or reminiscing about the past. “Laugh until your heart overflows. -Dove”
12. “Cheese!”: My brother and I take webcam pictures all the time. Every few months my profile picture is likely to change and it is even more likely to change into a new one of my brother and I being ridiculous.
13. “I hope you get your first, real foot-poppin’ kiss.” –Ellen Thermopolis: The Princess Diaries. Best quotes ever. Okay, well, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but they are still great. “It’s a wango?”
14. “No post on Sundays...”: Getting mail. Yup. Except hospital bills… or just bills in general… :/
15. Pick of the Week: Discovering new music before everyone else does (and then hating when my new favorite song, that I FOUND 3 MONTHS AGO, is constantly being played on every station in metro Detroit every 10 minutes).
16. Demos: He Is We is amazing. I love whenever they have new demos on PureVolume. They currently have a new demo out called “Tell Me.” I am in love with it! I listened to it on repeat for hours today. Love, love, love!
(They’re some pretty cool cats! :] They didn’t smile in anyone’s pictures. It was great. :] And for all of you who were wondering, yes, Trevor does have a voice. I heard him speak myself. :] Now if only he would do more than just play guitar.)
17. SYTYCD: I watch So You Think You Can Dance every Wednesday and Thursday night. The show makes me miss dancing, but it makes me appreciate good dancing so much more. Melanie, I want you to win this season. You are an amazing dancer. What you do is beautiful.
Well, that is all for now. I promise to post my rose story soon (referring to #8 on my list).
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