Sunday, May 15, 2011

scrapes and bruises, splints and bikes... and an ER trip to finish it off.

“ a dizzy kinda sorta way, like vertigo...” -Jump 5 -> "Spinnin' Around"
Listening to: “Only Fooling Myself” – Kate Voegele

Of course, one of the things on my Taylor bucket list and I am already forbidden to do it. I blame my klutziness and my bike accident for the strict "NO!" from my friends about a possible future in any Taylathon.
(Some of my Haiti team who rode in Taylathon)
Luckily, my injuries are fading. I no longer have to wear the splint (pictured above). The ligaments between my knuckles which were damaged from my fall are doing a lot better. Obviously, since I am not wearing my splint any longer. The scab on my elbow is now a deep scar and the skin is still slightly tender to the touch.

Okay, so my love for biking just won't be translated into riding in Taylathon... ever.

Last week and a day ago at this time, I was freaking out about my pick-a-date, and another important thing: the dizziness that was attacking my head.

Wednesday May 4, 2011: I woke up tired. Then I went to my 8 AM Biblical Literature 2 (New Testament) class. I then took the trek across campus to the Dining Commons for breakfast. I ate breakfast with some of the 3WO girls and then walked to chapel with them. I got to chapel, set down my bag, stood to sing, and felt extremely dizzy. The dizziness would not go away no matter what I did. The health center gave me two options: dehydration, which was impossible because I had been drinking SO much water that day just to make sure the dizziness was not a result of dehydration, or VERTIGO, benign paroxysmal vertigo to be exact.

The dizziness was the kind of dizziness you get before you black out. Yea. Imagine that going on constantly for a week.

What was supposed to go away in a matter of two days consumed my life making me unable to function properly. The dizzy feeling left me drained constantly from my brain trying to keep everything still and unmoving. I slept, ate, and went to the health center. 3 trips to the health center in one week for something that seemed to have no reason or cause for its occurrence.

On Friday, the nurse practitioner at the health center highly suggested that I go to the ER to get a CT scan just to make sure that nothing was neurologically wrong with me.

So, with my lovely PA by my side, I made my way to the ER to be a patient in a hospital for the first time since my birth.

I was able to stay quite calm throughout the entire experience. Well... all except the IV... I hate them. I hate needles. I hate, hate, hate them. And now I have a red dot , and a cluster of brownish/purplish/green bruises which now mar my skin. Praise God that the Valium and fluids helped... for a night. Unfortunately, they wore off half way through the pick-a-date...

The pick-a-date was the best one I have been on all year, but like the rest it had its issues. This one only had one issue, and this time it wasn't the boy. This time around, it was my vertigo.

Half way through the evening, my dizziness came back pretty bad causing me to have to sit down for the rest of the night. I was talking to my friend, Tiehl, when I became very dizzy. I stopped talking and tried to steady myself. About that time, my date came over to me and asked me if I was okay, with his eyes wider than I have ever seen them before. I struggled as I lied and said I was fine and a little reluctantly allowed him to help me to a chair which he pulled out for me. The wide eyes stayed put for a few minutes as he asked me if there was anything he could do for me and if I was okay... and if I was going to be okay. I was blessed to have a date as understanding as I did and to have someone who cared as much as him about my health and well being.

Luckily, the vertigo was gone by Wednesday. I woke up Wednesday morning to peace of mind... literally! No spinning, no tired brain. It was fabulous.

As I write this I can only think about the finals I should be studying for. This next week is going to be painful as my roommate leaves Tuesday afternoon, I have finals all of this week, and then I have to go home and try to find a summer job because I have had no luck thus far...

Raindrops and tears, struggles and pain, dreams and ambitions, goodbyes and hellos: one week... one more week...
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