Tuesday, March 1, 2011

dear blank... sincerely, me.

I love letters.

I love mail.

I have an addiction...

...I check my mailbox MULTIPLE times a day. I just love mail.

I love sending mail. I love receiving mail. Postcards, letters, cards, packages, envelopes. I love it all.

I love snail mail. My obsession with mail started early on. I'm not sure when, but I know that it has been since I was little. When I come home from college, I still check the mailbox to see if there is anything for me or the entire family.

I know that I am never going to get a letter like this one...

...but I still love mail. Now that I am at college, mail is more precious. Every once and a while I will get a letter, card or package from my parents, aunt, grandparents or best friends from back home. A little word of encouragement always makes my day.

Inside of the letters I receive from my best friends, we put sticky notes with words of encouragement or Bible verses (or both) on them. I save every letter. I save every post it note. I cherish the people God has placed in my life. I cherish the relationships I have with those people. I am glad God has not let distance change things between me and my best friends. Even though I slack at times and forget to respond to a letter for months, I know they still love me. I know they enjoy getting a letter in the mail as much as I do.

I have proof: "Di! It made my day to get your letter. :]" -One of the besties :]

God created us to be relational beings. He wants us to communicate and encourage one another. So when I see an envelope in my mailbox here at school, my face lights up. When I get a text message or when the icon on my Yahoo mail account changes from nothing to 1 unread message, I get a little giddy. It may sound silly, but I love words and when people use the written word to express emotion. It can be very raw. I love it.

Open up your heart today. Let someone see you from the inside. And make some one's day with a word of encouragement.

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  1. These images are so pretty. There really is nothing better than getting a letter in the mail!


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