Wednesday, March 2, 2011

pros & cons.

Pros and Cons of this week thus far:
·         My Psych exam was moved to Monday instead of Friday
·         Natalie Lloyd has had a ton of blog posts lately!
·         Aaron Carter is blasting from the bathroom down the hall from my dorm room. Yes, my wing has a 90s CD with some “classics”, such as “Hit Me Baby One More Time”, “Bye Bye Bye”, “I Want Candy”, and “MMMBop”. Good stuff! :]
·         The snow is gone (for now).

(FINALLY! No snow in the view from my window!)

·         My small group is going to start meeting again this Sunday! :]
·         I got an A on my British Literature test!
·         My Haiti team has 39% of our funds raised with 2 weeks to go (we were at 3% last week)
·         God is good. Always.
·         I had a long visit to the Health Center yesterday... I went in to get Typhoid meds for my trip to Haiti. I waited an hour and a half to see the nurse, saw her for only a couple of minutes, then went to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription and they were out of stock so I had to go back today to get it

·         I’m sick... which is making me sleepy all the time :[
·         I have a New Testament test on Friday
·         I need to clean my room, but have no motivation to do so...
·         O Leader Interview tomorrow evening... Eep!
·         I was unable to go to see Susie Shellenberger speak today at IWU’s chapel (because of my class schedule I could not go off campus for an hour)
Fashion Find: I am loving Etsy (who doesn't?) Today, thanks to my lovely emails I receive from them, I found this adorable bracelet!

I love it! Too bad I'm super cheap...
I also got the new Anthropologie catalogue today in the mail. (Yay mail!) I am not sure why I taunt myself with expensive jewelry and apparel I know i cannot afford. I just enjoy pretty things, I guess...
Like this dress. Would I ever buy it? Nope. Do I like it & think it is pretty? Very much, yes.

I love photography, so a list of little things in life which I love I shall make (with corresponding pictures of course)!
Polaroid cameras & pictures


"The Princess Diaries"

(I have always loved this dress)

Cornfields (Yes, Indiana is getting to me...)

Jumping in puddles after a storm (which I did this week!)

Since I have a test to study for, this is all for now. More pictures and things I love to come in the next blog (most likely).

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