Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the forecast for today...

I am currently sitting on the floor of my dorm room as I type this... at 3:10 AM. Am I crazy? I think so.

Here I will give you the lowdown on today's events:

*Woke up at 10 AM since my first class was not until 12:30 PM.
*Got ready and went to lunch.
*Ate lunch, sat around for a while before I braved the storm to go to my class in the KSAC.
*Went to class, got a syllabus, filled out an information sheet, and left.
*Walked back to Olson then realizing I had to go to the ETC to purchase a Turning Point Clicker for Bib. Lit. 2.
(Can someone please tell me why this thing that is smaller than a deck of cards costs $30?)
*Got to the ETC, got the clicker, and left Reade to go back to Olson before my legs even thawed.
*Walked back to Olson, all the while being pelted in the face by tiny little ice pellets.
...I hate them...
*Did my homework until dinner.
*Went to dinner and stayed in the DC as long as I could before I had to face the ice demons again... >:[
*Walked around the DC for 10 minutes after I got my meal to find a fork. None of the baskets had forks. "Why," you ask? ...Because EVERYONE seems to go to dinner at 5:30 now.
*Finally found a fork, ate my dinner, treated myself to Moose Tracks (yum!) because the DC was SO HOT from too many bodies occupying such a small space.
*Went back to Olson, screaming all the way as my face cried out in anger from the pelting of the ice demons (yet again...)
*Did some more homework and watched some TV...


Taylor canceled school for tomorrow!!! back to the list...
*Screams erupting from all wings in Olson as all the girls read their email from the university.
*Dance party in the halls of 3EO.
*Made videos for the girls who are not on the wing this semester.
*Did some homework that is due Friday. (Yes, I am a nerd...)
*Watched Hitch in Katie and Hill's room.
And now, I am here, on my floor, because at the moment I am too lazy to go to the couch to type this. Plus, I do not want to wake my sleeeping roommate.

Tomorrow, I will be going outside maybe twice for meals. The rest of the day will be spent watching movies on the wing because Trier thought ahead and got a projector from the ETC the other day, just in case we did have the second of February off from school.

Tomorrow will also be my "get ahead" day for Professional Writing. I have two books to review by the middle of the month: Save the Date by Jenny B. Jones, which came out today, and In the Shadow of Evil by Robin Caroll which comes out March 1st.


 I hope the snow treats you well tomorrow and is not demon-like to you.

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