Thursday, February 10, 2011

eenie meenie.

This week has been quite interesting. I am adjusting into all of my new classes, getting to know new people, and missing the people who are now gone.

The song below has no correlation to the blog post, just a dedication to a friend who is going to be in Panama this semester instead of at Taylor University.

Miss you, Jess. This one's for you! :]

Vaa... Val. Valen... Valentine's Day. Ugh.

Love. This time of year the world is erupting with the word everywhere. The problem is that how many people focus on worldly, meaningless love? How many people say "I love you" and do not really mean what they are saying this February especially?

The cyber world is littered these days with cheesy pictures and quotes about "love." Do I like a good cheesy quote and picture every once and a while? Why yes, I do. But, my point is...

People are missing out on a pure, true, and complete love. People think the love we can show each other is great. And it can be. But the kind of love my heavenly Father shows me is unfathomable. I will never be able to completely understand God's perfect and complete love because I can not possibly display it myself. I would love to be able to love the way God does, but it is not humanly possible.

I just wish that people walking around this earth could understand that the "love" that comes on Valentine's Day is not the purest love. God's love is.

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