Tuesday, September 6, 2011

living as a woman who puts God first.

Below is something a little different than I normally do. I have started blogging for WaterBrook Multnomah a little while ago, and here is the review for Every Single Woman's Battle by Shannon Ethridge.

Shannon Ethridge does a fantastic job at combining excerpts from *Every Woman's Battle* and *Every Man's Battle* to create a new book for single women searching for the knowledge to be completely filled by the Spirit and not compromising emotional and sexual purity. She sets up this book in a workbook form in order to help the reader interact better with the book and to help the reader process what she is reading and learning throughout the course of this book. Ethridge uses stories from the other two books mentioned above to set the stage for what she wants her readers to get out of each chapter. Following each set of stories and analogies, there are questions to help process the previous information. 

Each chapter focuses on a new topic regarding intimacy and giving your heart fully to God in the process of being single. Some topics include taking thoughts captive, guarding your heart, being aware of yourself and emotional integrity, and surrendering yourself to God. 

Each chapter has a few different sections: planting good seeds (personally seeking God's truth), weeding out deception (recognizing the truth), harvesting fulfillment (applying the truth), and growing together (questions and answers you can share with a small group). This layout of the book helps the reader to take the time she needs to fully process what she is learning. This book is definitely worth the read if you want to focus on having healthy relationships and guarding your heart.

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