Monday, August 1, 2011

the final rose.

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Quote love: “When we are at our wits’ end for an answer, then the Holy Spirit can give us an answer. But how can He give us an answer when we are still well supplied with all sorts of answers of our own?” –Karl Barth
Before I dive into my main topic for this post, I wanted to spend a few seconds on the quote above.
I have been reading Francis Chan’s Forgotten God this summer for a book study with other college students, including some of my best friends. The book is about the nature of the Holy Spirit, the part of the trinity many people seem to overlook. Overlooking the Holy Spirit is a huge problem. The Spirit does many things for Christians that are often looked over and not made a big deal of in daily life, which is definitely a problem.
This quote is the opening to chapter 5. It is extremely relevant to me. I know I struggle with completely giving every situation in my life to God. I should let the Holy Spirit give me the answers I need from God instead of trying to find things out on my own and then running to God and then realizing in the end that He was there all along and I just never opened up to let Him and His spirit into my life for the better.
I would love it if you would dwell on this quote and its truth in your own life today before moving on to the rest of this post.
Okay. So I promised in an earlier blog this summer that I would write about a certain rose I received this year at school.
May 6th, 2011.
I went to the Health Center in the afternoon that day. I still was struggling with vertigo.
When I got back on campus from the ER (long story... look at this blog post for explanation...) I found a red rose lying in front of my dorm room door.

I asked everyone on my wing where it came from, but no one confessed to knowing anything. It couldn't have been put there by a boy because it was not open house night.

The original owner of the rose still remains a mystery to this very day. I wish I knew who gave it to me, or at least who the messenger was. But I guess some mysteries are meant to be left unsolved.

I wish I knew why someone left it there.

I wish I knew why no one knows who left it there...

Oh well... The world may never know.

Final rose tonight... who will win Ashley's heart on the Bachelorette??? I'm saying JP...

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