Friday, January 20, 2012

friday finds.

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With all of this extra time I've had during J-term, I have spent much more time than normal looking at Pinterest and fashion blogs. 

While browsing pictures on Pinterest the other day, I found these beautiful shoes. I then linked back to the blog they were found on, only to find out the person who posted the picture below did not know where the shoes could be found.

So my search began. I looked closely at the shoes to find that they have red soles. That could only mean one thing: Christian Louboutin. Of course that means that the shoes aren't cheap. I searched and searched to find knock-offs that looked very close to the originals. The closest I could find were the shoes below from Target. Unfortunately, they are not the exact same... and they are only sold online.

Since the woman in charge of the blog I found the shows on did not know where to find the shoes, I posted a link to the shoes for her only to get this response: "Thanks Diana for looking this up… I guess I could skip a couple of nights out and do the $159! ;)."

People can be crazy when it comes to fashion. Especially when the shoes are normally $845 when new from Christian Louboutin. 

Speaking of Louboutin... these 8-inch heels are a pair that the designer made to be auctioned off. The proceeds were to go to the English National Ballet.

Shoes are not the only things that people will seem to spend a fortune on these days. 

This German-made clock will cost the customer an arm and a leg. But isn't it nifty? The things that people come up with these days.

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