Thursday, January 19, 2012

follow the red brick road.

Listening to: "Beautiful Things" by Gungor.

I have been blessed this January to spend time with friends that I have not had as much time to spend with during the semester. This J-term has been filled with class (of course), relaxation, and unexpected adventures. 

On Saturday, I went to Marion with a couple of friends for the afternoon. We went to Starbucks (nothing out of the ordinary... especially when we all had Starbucks gift cards from Christmas to spend). 

Then we went to Walmart for random things. I needed honey for my tea... 

And then somehow we ended up in Jonesboro... Well, that was mostly because we wanted to find the brick road that is the material for one of the streets in Jonesboro. And we ended up finding train tracks...

So, Lisa and I had the brilliant idea of throwing snow in the air for a picture. 

We didn't have gloves on.

Cold fingers.

Very cold.

But, we had fun and eventually found the red brick road. I like that college is making me more adventurous. I think I'm starting to be okay with it...

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