Friday, June 24, 2011

Princess of...

Quote love: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt
Princess. Crowns. Royalty. Weddings of the royal sort. William. Kate. Mia?
One of my favorite movies is The Princess Diaries. I am not sure what has always intrigued me, but I have a feeling it is the similarities I have found between the main character, Mia, and myself.
I grew up loving two movies in particular. Motocrossed, a Disney Channel Original Movie in which Andrea Carson takes her injured brother, Andrew’s, place in a motocross competition that was seen as a sport for guys (I am such a nerd for still loving this movie. It is super cheesy and I know every line and what is going to happen before it happens, but I still love it. My roommate, the doll that she is, got me this movie just because this past year because I was never able to get it on DVD.) The other movie was The Princess Diaries.
Mia Thermopolis grew up thinking she was just an ordinary girl with hopes and dreams but a huge uncertainty as to how she was going to achieve them. She “wasn’t pretty enough” for her crush, Josh, to like her. That was until she, and everyone else, found out she was a princess. Unfortunately, people wanted to be friends with Mia because of her status as Princess and heir to the Genovian throne.
No, I am not close to being royalty, but I do understand the meek Mia. She had a lack of confidence in herself and her own ability. She did not realize what she was capable of doing in the world. With the help of her grandmother and the voice of her father, she was able to realize her full potential and become Princess of Genovia because of this new strength and confidence in herself.
Many times I find myself in situations where I am afraid of what will happen because of the lack of confidence I have in myself. I forget the most important part of me: I have the Holy Spirit LIVING inside of me!
Why, then, should I be worried about anything? Why am I concerned about saying the right things? I have the Holy Spirit guiding me. I have asked Him for guidance, and though it is not easy to give up the reigns of my life, I have done so because I know that by the strength of the Holy Spirit I will be able to accomplish much more for God’s glory.

"It’s a wango?”
This life is not about me. This life is about what I can do for God and how I can serve His people!
“The Spirit is meant to lead us toward holiness. The Spirit is here with us to accomplish God’s purposes, not ours” (Forgotten God by Francis Chan pg. 93).
Whether I waltz or tango through this life, God can use me and I am confident that His plan can include both a waltz and a tango from me. If I live by His Spirit I am here to accomplish His plans for my life.
Take the life God has given you and live it to the fullest with the guidance of the Spirit. Serve with confidence that is not of you or me, but of God! Let’s wango through this life by the confidence of God!

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