Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hobby Lobby, Laundromat Tanning & British Boy Bands.

Listening to: "One Thing" by One Direction (don't judge me...)

These past couple of weeks have been kind of crazy, but a good crazy. I have been going full speed ahead for a while now, and that is just starting to slow down a bit because dead week is on its way. In less than two weeks, I will be at home and done with final exams and projects and all of the hectic end of the year stuff that professors throw at you at the end of the year (which I have never understood because that only makes more work for them...). I have had two presentations, a ten page research paper, and other little assignments to do in the past couple of weeks and luckily I have friends and an amazing God to keep me from going insane. I have two more presentations, a photo portfolio, a photo final project, and three final exams to tackle before I am out of here on the 17th though. saying all of that reminds me of how much work I actually have to do between now and the end of the school year.

A few things that make me happy about these stressful next two weeks:

1. On Friday, I went to Muncie with my roommates. We spent an hour and a half just in Hobby Lobby. It was fantastic.

2. I got a new wallet and sandals from Target!
Mossimo Supply Co. Blue Cabbage Floral.Opens in a new window
Womens Merona® Esma Braided Flat Sandal - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window
3. Quality time with the roommates!

4. I just saw an old friend who I haven't seen in a year because she is on campus this weekend to visit people. :]

5. The weather is hot, but that means I get to wear dresses, skirts and shorts all the time. Cannot complain there.

6. Lots of Polar Pops . . . too bad they went up to 79 cents. Going up 10 cents is a big deal when you don't necessarily like change and you're a college student.

7. Skyping with one of my besties into the wee hours of the morning when I have to get up for church the next day. #worthit! :]

8. Blasting music in my friends car with the convertible top down and the back speakers blown . . . and the bass all the way down . . . and the music completely in the front speakers . . . with still a funky thudding noise coming from the back speakers when there is any bass in the songs. NOTE: Ballads should not have as much bass as some do these days . . . :]

This summer and this time of year is a time for growth and change. Yesterday, I went with a couple of friends to a laundromat that has tanning beds attached in a separate room. I did not want to go tanning, but I did want to spend time with my friends (so I tagged along...). It was interesting to people watch. I forget how blessed I am to live in a dorm that has washers and dryers in the building. And I don't have to worry about having change to pay to wash my clothes because the cost for doing my laundry is included in my housing fees for the year. I am blessed to be able to go to college, to go and do silly things with friends, and to have the opportunities that I do. Unfortunately, I forget the things that I am blessed with sometimes. Luckily God reminds me of His provision and blessings daily. 

On a very different note . . . 

(British Boy Bands to be exact)

This year, I have become more aware of the growing number of boy bands in existence, especially in the UK. From oldies like McFly (and the awfully awkward East 17) to newcomers like JLS, The Wanted, and One Direction, the UK is getting something right here. For some reason, boy bands are still working for them. And I am completely okay with that.

(I mean who doesn't love a little McFly?)

The Wanted, five 20-somethings from the UK, are growing in popularity in the US as I type this. One problem . . . their songs are awful. The lyrics are not in the least bit deep. They are quite cheesy, but they are even more unfortunately catchy. 

Exhibit A: Their new single "Chasing the Sun" (plus the video is VERY strange . . .)

And then there is this one. 

How cheesy, right? How does this stuff sell millions of albums?

And now, there is the best boy band in a long time: One Direction. 

Aren't they precious?

I cannot help it. I have to love them. All of my friends at home (except one, who we are still working on) and one of my good friends here are "Directioners" (a.k.a. One Direction Fans). They are just so cute, how can I deny those cute faces? And the beautiful voices that go with them (including their beautiful accents). 

Their first single (which I have heard for the last 9 months, thanks to my X-Factor loving friend Lauren) is called "What Makes You Beautiful," is pretty cheesy, as is the video, but it is cute.

I listened to their entire album 4 times through while writing a 10 page research paper for my Media Theory and Ethics class. I now know every verse, every chorus and bridge, and every riff on the entire album. Am I a bit embarrassed to admit that? Yes. But confession is good for the soul. :]

So, what is next in the US? Any more boy bands coming out here? Time will tell I guess . . .

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